by Davida Patrick Moore

There are so many different approaches that "teachers" or "guides" or whatever they want to call themselves use to purvey a message that they have developed to "help" people "find happiness" or "become clear" or whatever. (I could probably be thought of as one of those people but you'll see the difference by the end of this essay.) These people are all "specialized" in their own personal form of "healing." (Which I am not, as you'll see.)

We're talking conceptions here, and modalities that come from the outside, that the initiate will have to assimilate and learn so they can take advantage of the method.

Okay, great, I get it. A lot of people want to help a lot of people. And while I understand the individual approach that these folks have develop for themselves I ask myself, "Why all the different approaches?" To me, it just kinda muddies the waters and really separates us from each other in a non-functional kinda way. (As you read, you'll learn there is a way for us to separate ourselves from others that will in fact bring us together.)

Many people who struggle with finding, or making, or sustaining their happiness will immediately buy into the notion that we're all different and so a lot of different approaches ARE needed, so people can find the way that's right for them. This sounds like it is just "sooooo" right. But really it's not. And here is why. People, on the most basic level, are not different. What separates people is our perspective, obviously. Why obviously? What brings us together? . . . uh, our perspective. We ought to think about how we think. That would help us understand, define, and refine our perspective. Perspective collects the information that then out forms our life experience. "Perspective," is everything. That's us specializing, which is what we're inclined to do because, in life, we occupy a unique physical space. But that doesn't have to be what separates us.

If a person has a lot invested in their perspective they will fight tooth and nail to not allow that perspective to be tweaked. Great. Let me know how that works out. Since the one thing we can all count on is change, why would a static, or better yet (sarcasm), why would a rigid perspective be so valued? Well, we can all see a security mechanism when it's in our face. But let's not get too far afield.

Granted, the Universe doesn't make duplicates. Making duplicates doesn't make sense. It's actually illogical and if the Universe is anything it is logical. That's a tough sell to someone who thinks they're destine to a life of struggle or is otherwise confused. Okay, whatever.

Here's the point. We're all different, but we're here to all do the same thing, but we'll all do it in our unique way, but we'll all do this by traveling the same PATH. Is that confusing enough???

I know how it can be, but, it doesn't have to be confusing at all.

"We're all different," granted there's no reason to duplicate a human experience. Once it's had, having it again doesn't do anything . . . what? Productive? Useful? Constructive? You get the idea. So, okay, everyone is different from everyone throughout time and for time in memorial. Great.

"But we're here to all do the same thing," Why would we all be doing the same thing? We're all doing the same thing but we're not all "doing" quote, unquote, the same "thing," quote, unquote. We're all pursuing happiness. How many different ways can someone pursue happiness? That should get one of your eye brows to pop up. "Hmmm, Jess, Happiness."

So now, "we're all different, but we're here to all do the same thing." Wait, there's more.

"We'll all do it in our own unique way," but we're doing the same thing. How does that work? What we'll all do the same, but in our own unique way, is we'll express our individuality. Remember? We're all different.

We can express our own unique individuality, while doing the same thing of pursuing happiness, from a one-of-a-kind perspective, but wait, there's even more. "We'll all do this by traveling the same PATH." You might wonder how that works, and you would be right to ask, because that's what this is all about. The same PATH we all travel in pursuing happiness is choosing love. I hope that's not a big let down because if it is you might stop listening right now and I really want you to listen just that little bit that remains. (Imagine me meekly smiling.)

If you realize you can do everything productive, useful, and constructive from a perspective of love you begin to see how we're all the same and we do the same thing, by doing the same thing, on the same PATH.

We're all different, that's what makes us the same. Huh??? Think about it. We're all different, that's what makes us the same.

We all have an individuality to express. Again "We all . . . " again, that makes us the same.

We all express that individuality to pursue happiness. Again "We all . . . " again, that makes us the same.

We all do it on the same PATH because in an "all-roads-leads-to-Rome" kinda way, only love can lead to happiness. Hate doesn't do that and what else is there? You're on a road moving toward or away from happiness (Rome).

Some will say that it's just too difficult and that it's not that easy for some people. Whatever. If you want to try and continue to justify being judgmental that will only suck up your time that you could be using; in your totally unique perspective, being your unique expression, pursuing your unique happiness by choosing the only thing that will ever uplift you and make all the earlier mentioned hopes and desires possible; that one thing being choosing love . . . in everything.

Of course it can't be that simple . . . but it is, why does it have to be . . . "difficult?" It doesn't and it's not. Why we feel like it has to be is another conversation. In the meantime if you want to cut to the cream drop judgment and start loving life. It will love you back. Promise.