The greatest attribute of humankind is that of reason. How one develops insight on spiritual and philosophical matters is often not achieved through academic channels. Davida Patrick Moore has spent nothing less than decades acting, observing, and reflecting upon questions asked since the dawn of humanity and answers long ignored by our collective and dominate ego.

Davida is an uncommon author. Without the required education, standard or otherwise, his being drawn to writing is one of happenstance more than anything else. A well-grounded Catholic grade school education followed by an unenthusiastic public high school education fostered and then reinforced his disinterest in what he found offered to him in the guise of education. During his youth he had been fascinated by the devotees of astrology, meditation, and the Tarot, but much of what he saw felt more like entertainment than a deep and abiding enlightenment.

From 1997 to 2002 Davida provided journalistic, opinion, and entertainment contributions to the production of “ShadowWorld, South Bay Music Scene Magazine & Guide” (South Bay of Los Angeles). Davida was the publisher and editor, as well as, interviewer, reviewer, production staff, advertisement sales department, distributor, commentary writer, and advice columnist. In those years he also had a weekly column in The Easy Reader Newspaper (Hermosa Beach, CA). By the time he folded his magazine Davida had begun writing spiritual and philosophical essays to share online his years of exploration and experience. Communication of ideas has always appealed to him as the foundation of our intellectual evolution. The writing of “Thinkers and Sinkers,” became a two-year endeavor.

Born in 1959 on the West Coast of the United States, Davida has spent most of his life between Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In his childhood and early adult years he was awash in the influences of society, the media, and several siblings (younger GenXers and older Baby Boomers). He was presented the chaotic currents of the 1960s and saw the loosening of many from their chosen convictions. The rock music “British Invasion” and the following hippie explosion amplified this scattering. As time went on, the whirlwind of public discourse was constant as it was repeated that nearly everything was up for questioning. To Davida the 1970s showed little promise of answering the heartfelt questions of society, and the individual. Forces at work, at the time, seemed uncaring. The frenzy of the 1980s resembled the driving of a herd less than the culturing of humanity. This did not abate in the 1990s.

Up until the time of this printing, creeping obfuscation of auspicious American history along with the fanatical rhetoric of strident public voices has done little to convince Davida that all is well understood.

Once in every long-lived life a crystalline moment in time shocks awake the public senses. This moment came again on September 11th, 2001. These catalytic events have always been accompanied by great conflagration. In the history of America these events include; World War II, The American Civil War, and the American Revolutionary War. Belligerent war is difficult to forgive. War of survival is essential. However one feels about the struggle within humanity during the early 21st Century one must recognize that between the opposing sides one is belligerent as the other strives to survive. How one arrives at their personal understanding of this state is a direct reflection of how they conceive of and perceive themselves, others, and the world around them. This is what catapulted Davida Patrick Moore to write and discuss this fractious reasoning. He believes that how we respond will structure how we see our past, live in the present, and determine the range of possibilities for our future. Thoughtfully or thoughtlessly this is how we live life. Through his experience this thought process is brought into focus.

Davida believes the documentation of the main thesis of, “Thinkers and Sinkers,” is already found in every person’s life. The honesty and introspection needed to honor one’s own situation and travails is often difficult to cleanly allow into being. Davida sees that so many struggle with accepting parameters of life that the lowering of the only protection they know, their ego, is onerous. “Thinkers and Sinkers,” is projected through Davida’s personal prism and reveals his reasoning. This is done for others to partake of as they might. With sufficient thought it becomes clear most resonate at their core with the same happiness we all seek. Attending to this core is the work of overcoming egocentric behavior and dispatching the fear that holds us in place. These are realities understood by those who have, along with Davida, attempted to endeavor this calling.

Following his intuition, Davida was led to explore communication and behavior. In the course of his life he has discovered, demystified, and embraced a form of personal expression that is best described as bi-gender. The fluidity and appreciable nature of the masculine and feminine allows him more genuine self-expression. Spirituality and philosophy are his natural pursuits and are found in his compositions. Asserting his focus in on humanity, he dismisses calls of intellectualism toward his work. His writings include; music, poetry, lyrics, plays, visual scripts, essays, monologues, and now books. As a life-long musician he most identifies with the classical, jazz, pop, and rock genres. Davida feels assured by the sense that he is structured yet freeform in his life and lives in the hope that all people will find and express their true and loving heart.

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