The Sinker Mentality, Where, What, When, Why, and How
Quite often it is outside of one's own immediate perspective which lays the fullest parameters and definitions of freedom and oppression. Obtaining a vantage point uncolored by personal experience and the emotions one has accepted as valid challenges the process of accepting and guiding the growth and evolution of humanity toward a truly universally beneficial result.

Rights, Necessities, Privileges, and Desires.
Knowing the difference between; Rights, Necessities, Privileges, and Desires, and from whence they come is to know liberation from manipulation.

"Really??? What does that mean?"

It means if we understand what moves us to action, what supports productive actions, and how we can be undermined, we will dispatch those seeking our spiritual death.

Elegant Words

People with this condition underestimate danger, precarious situations, and imminent emergencies. They can see the danger coming but in their state they will look for comfort in something familiar to create a feeling of normalcy. The danger does not go away.

Two Voices
Consider this offering and before coming to any conclusions, explore the complete thesis that is, "Thinkers and Sinkers." There are no religious requirements regardless of words used to describe the indescribable concept of our origin. Resisting new ideas is what can create friction.

Know the traits of these mindsets.

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