People with this condition underestimate danger, precarious situations, and imminent emergencies. They can see the danger coming but in their state they will look for comfort in something familiar to create a feeling of normalcy. The danger does not go away. There is actually a better chance the full ramifications associated with the danger will come to be.

When people are confronted with concepts that do not match their belief system they can get an uneasy feeling. That's what this condition is identifying. To deal with this uneasiness the person will attach themselves to anything that will relieve this feeling regardless of right and wrong. Denying, and blaming are often used to justify their beliefs which are false.

This condition is found in people who are uninformed or ill-informed and because they do not know this they make bad decisions. Because they do not even know of their poor decisions they think they are smarter than others. Only when they accept their mistakes and learn the truth can they see the errors of their ways. (Read about this in "Thinkers and Sinkers" 33:09)

These are each fairly normal occurrences. But now what?

People who are effected by these conditions are less-likely to know they are effected.

If someone, or an ideology, is tempting to influence you to commit to counterproductive behavior and you are effected by any, or all, of these mental conditions you could easily be lead to an unfortunate life choice from which there may be permanent repercussions (i.e. an unhappy ending). What do you do now? Let me know how quickly you disregard this. Or ask me for more info.

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