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Let's say you were at home in your super comfortable bed, the bed you absolutely love, whatever that is, firm or deeply cushioned, with satin sheets or high count, pristine cotton weave bed clothing, just the way you like it, the right number of pillows and the absolutely perfectly balanced blanket to temperature ration. You are so comfortable.

Not only that, but you're asleep having the most delightfully-vivid, and reassuring dream. How could anything be more perfect, in a sensory and imagination-filled experience such as this?

So there you are asleep and you don't even know it, it's that real.

But guess what? Your house is on fire, fully engulfed and burning down around you. But in your dream everything is perfect. You don't know that all around you your whole life is being consumed by flame, as you sleep on, enjoying the dream and not feeling the fire . . . much . . . or at least that's what you think.

So there you are dreaming away having an amazing experience in your perfect bed, you hair looks great, you look great, you feel comfortable. But, yes, your house is burning down around you and little do you know some of your friends are in their beds, in their own houses and . . . you guessed it, their houses are burning down too. Everyone is having fantastic dreams but everything they have and everything they care about; their memories, their family, their future security, and all of their potential is being consumed by fire and no one knows what's going on . . . except . . . some of your neighbors.

They know you and they know about the fire and actually the fire didn't just mysteriously appear tonight. No the fire has been slowing, and in many small ways, burning in your house for some time, mostly in the basement, out of sight, reducing the foundation and other structural supports of your house, to useless matter. Lots of ash but mostly just crumbly chunks of brick, mortar, and wood. Your neighbors have seen the signs in a steady, light wafting of grey/black smoke coming out of cracks in the facade of your house - pretty much everywhere . . . all the time . . . for a long time.

If you were awake you'd probably indignantly ask them why they never warned you about the fire . . . but they tried. Speaking of indignant, that would be a good way to describe your behavior those few times they tried to raise the conversation. Your temper became so heated you flashed anger at their even suggesting there might be something amiss. But now you're sleeping in your perfect bed, in your beautiful house and your neighbors are watching it burn.

Your closest neighbor wants to brave the massive structure fire to help you. They can see other neighbors risking everything to help their neighbors, they know the fire department is not coming to save you, they have their hands full. Your neighbor knows you're asleep in your perfectly made bed, dreaming your perfectly dreamed-up dream and they know if someone doesn't do something soon that when you wake up, that is if you wake up, you'll be horrified and if you survive they know you'll be scared for life, because no one came to help you get out of the burning house, your house. And still to this point you're asleep, dreaming in your comfy bed with colorful and sensitive images of a beautiful life flickering in your head.

We stop there because right now there are billions of people around the world in their perfectly made beds, dreaming their perfectly dreamed-up dreams, who are living their lives walking around, driving cars, working jobs, raising kids but they are asleep in a dream world which they do not even know is not real, and their whole lives are burning to the ground as they thoughtlessly sleepwalk dreaming they're in a life, which by the way, doesn't really exist. A lot of these people think they are awake and that they can see others who are asleep, but they are so deeply asleep they don't even know they are asleep, there's no way for them to know, that's how deeply they have gone into their perfectly dreamed-up dream.

Simply by the structure and how this whole situation works we know these sleeping, dreaming, fantasy living people will discover, at some point, where their path went awry, it very possibly won't happen in this lifetime, but it could, with a little help from their neighbors, or some other friendly people . . . but they must first discover the dream and that they are inside the dream, regardless of what the dream is telling them about being in real life . . . that's a huge hitch.

The dream tells them that everything around them and all the pretty things that they are doing are real, but that's the dream talking. And if the dream can make them think things are real, how are those sleeping going to tell that the dream is actually a dream??? Can that even be done??? Maybe . . . maybe not . . . it all depends on the sleeping.

But those who know of the dream and the destruction that awaits those who sleep through the house fire, they know they have to try to wake as many people as possible, even as the dream is trying to get more people to sleep and to dream while the fires continue to rage all around.

How can we be sure of, what the waking person knows is true? What is the dream? What is the fire? How can this be communicated to the sleeping? How can the sleeping be roused enough to see the fire, that same fire that has been slowing consuming their very own house, which they didn't even see? Could the waking let the fires burn and let their neighbors perish? Not without risk of the fire jumping to their own homes. This burning of homes, and dreams, and potential is too great to allow. Think of the horror and unnecessary struggle of those trapped in their burning lives. No, the fires must be extinguished, all possible neighbors must be awoken.

But awoken to what? You see, some dreams are real and many are not. That's how the sleeping can get pulled into a dream. They know that to dream is human. But if they could notice that when they were told what to dream they were drawn into a dream that was unreal, it wasn't their dream. Our dreams are supposed to come from within us, not be handed to us. Dreams from the outside are usually a trap designed to get us to sleep and to become unaware of the fire. The sleeping is us, putting aside our true dreams and while we dream the other dream, we slowing close our Infinite Selves off and reduce our physical selves to a form of emotion generator that feeds the confused people who seed our thoughts with the distracting dream, and while we are distracted by the sparkly, seemingly desirable dream, we ignore our unique and purposefully created selves and the dreams we came into this life with so we could encourage others to dream their personal and purposeful dream, those dreams that come out of our loving heart to uplift all of humanity, inspiring everyone to their greatest happiness. The confusion that compels some to seed others with a distracting dream is the fire of chaos, the same chaos that humanity rose out of as we first began to care about and love each other . . . and ourselves.

Seeing the fires of chaos is impossible if one is asleep. There are people who don't dream the most destructive of distracting dreams and who see the fire of chaos and are still unable to rouse the sleeping. Some of them have been handed dreams too. The distraction is different but it does little to aid them in waking those sleeping through the most destructive dream, the most chaotic dream, the dream that is clung to by the confused people. And what is that dream? It's a dream that makes the chaos and confusion disappear . . . at least for a little bit. You see, those who succumb to the confusion and chaos of a primordial fear in life want only one thing . . . control. Control of whatever they can control. This is really big to these people. They feel so out-of-control that they grab on to anything they can ever hope to control and through that they feel a little better. But like any addict soon they will need more and other things to control. Over time this has lead them and the mindset that dominates them, to the biggest of all possible goals . . . controlling people. People are the most amazing creations on this planet, because people can dream their own personal and purposeful dream and through their loving heart, people can uplift their surroundings and inspire others to uplift their surroundings, which, in time can lead to uplifting the entire world, that would leave the confused without their greatest prize of control . . . and when that happens they know they will slip back into the pit that holds the fire of chaos causing a cascading of emotional distress and all that that would mean to a human mind conscious of existence. If they would only open their heart to love and cease they drive to control they could spare themselves this undesirable fate. No one can do this for another, we can only hope to influence them to dream their personal and purposeful dream, to not seek domination over another, to accept those things that are outside their personal power to change, and to recognize their ability to choose love in all aspects of life. This is how those who are sleeping will find their way out of the fire and how they can recognize those who are hoping to wake them to the fire in their own home.

When a person accepts another for who and what they are in their loving heart and the second person is not trying to control or coercively compel the behavior of others, we can all live our personal and purposeful dream in this life fully awake to our creation and our greatest happiness.

How does that sound?

Let us know your thoughts,

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