The Breakout  (2 minute, 33 seconds)

"Thinkers and Sinkers," is a concept that dissects the human mind and reveals the intellectual mind and it reveals the instinctual mind. The herd mentality of the instinctual mind can be productive but more often it can be destructive. What it destroys is it destroys an individuality and a unique expression and that's why the Sinker mentality which dominates so many people's lives is opposed to the Thinker mentality which is those that the Sinker mentality seeks to derail; individuality, unique expression, self-reliance, self-realization, and self-awareness.

This is our challenge, how we, how we approach the responses we offer up to the world around us and if we thoughtfully realize what we're doing every time we act. Some times the herd mentality, or the instinctual response, is beneficial and productive but more often it precludes us from realizing greater offerings from the world. We cut short, by judging, the events around us and when we cut short we don't allow those people and events and situations before us to fully reveal the gift or offering they have for us. When we do that we don't avail ourselves to the richness of the universe; our lives. This is our challenge.

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