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In an emotional sense, what we experience in life will buoy us or pull us down. A person's life experience can be seen as a collection of thoughts and actions. In those thoughts and actions a plethora of emotions, experiences, and extenuating circumstances blossom, bringing forth more of these events.

Happy people want others to be happy. Those who feel pulled down will do anything to stop the feelings of their downward trend, if even only in appearance. Engaging, and if need be, overcoming one's life situation is largely possible, if desired. This is done as a factored of one's personality, characteristics, and motivation.

Every person possesses the traits of the optimist and the pessimist. As we repeatedly engage one, the other recedes. Yet we are more one than the other. In this we can be thought of as Thinkers or Sinkers, the capable or less-capable swimmer in the proverbial River of Life. The questions are, how well of a Thinker and how much of a Sinker.

Who we allow ourselves to be is our choice.

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