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The Unique Inspiration of Humankind

Humankind is unique on this planet.

What makes Humankind unique is that it shows outward sings of its connection to the Infinite.

So, How is this connection made?

How does it make Humankind unique?

All matter and consciousness on earth are connected through the radiance of an earthly influence.

This is a feminine influence and is known to many as Mother Nature, Gaia or the Earth Consciousness.

In fact, this feminine influence is a common influence felt throughout the physical universe as it supports physicality

. What makes Humanity unique is that it is uniquely aware of another influence, a non-physical and masculine influence, which radiates upon the universe.

The unique awareness that Humankind exhibits is not evident in any object or other life forms on this planet.

That single statement will cause dissonance in some who have accepted that animals are equal to humans.

This is not the case and can easily be shown to be the fact. Animals only exhibit the earthly influence.

The uniqueness that is embodied in Humankind is found in the confluence of these two nurturing, spiritual influences.

The source of earthly influences base instincts and physicality...

Creature Comforts, Presentation of Ego, Wants and Desires, Security and Community.

The source of Divine influences Spirituality and higher ideals...

Unconditional Love, Truth, Wisdom, and Bliss.

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City we can see that American sculptor George Grey Barnard endeavored to express our mixed nature with his work titled, "Struggle of the Two Natures in Man." This work dates back to the late 19th Century.

As part of the museum description the following is mentioned,

"The batlike creature on the left arm of the lower figure may refer to the darkness in which man's baser nature is mired."

The challenge for Humankind is accessing the beneficial qualities from these influences while not succumbing to lessor impulses of base behavior.

This is our challenge.

From where or what do these influences emanate?

How can one recognize the influence of each source?

Is there a way to assure only being effected by the more beneficial influences?

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