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How someone looks at the world around them is just the beginning. Nearly every person on earth is either mostly optimistic or mostly pessimistic. How that person chooses to respond to events around them is the most telling.

The influences that draw individuals into action communicate motives to them. Where these motives of behavior come from has not been well understood until now. Becoming aware of behavioral choices and the reasons for our choices is a crucial stage.

Understanding the structure of our environment reveals the ends to which our choices lead. The spectrum of human experience ranges from utter destruction to total and awe-inspiring bliss. Discerning where we are between these extremes is difficult due to our limited perspective on the overall whole.

Not knowing where one is on this spectrum has no bearing if one chooses to attain the goal of either extreme. By choosing between love and actions, thoughts, and emotions that lack love one can point themselves in a chosen direction. Consciously or not this is what humankind has done since the moment we became self-aware as a species and now we understand... we choose.

"Thinkers and Sinkers, Why Are They Trying To Kill You?" is the dissection and delineation of the concept of positive and less-positive actions we each engage on a daily basis. These actions are toward people and ideas we encounter, as well as, the environment we create for ourselves and the surroundings we enter as we go through our day.

The structure of society and humanity has an overarching role in our experience as does our understanding of ourselves. The efforts we dedicate to exploring the many facets of our lives is returned to us in the form of personal wisdom and enriching experiences. Yet without self-examination we can be led into deleterious behaviors at the influence of our instincts and emotions. When this is allowed we are further motivated by our behavior into similar conduct. When we seek to understand we come to realize we have dominion and sovereignty over ourselves and nothing more.

When we live to love we discover we are given all that we need to fulfill our purpose and greatest delight in being who and what we were created to be in this life. There is nothing greater.

Read "Thinkers and Sinkers, Why Are They Trying To Kill You?" and discern for yourself where on the spectrum, from suppressive to uplifting, you are center. The motivations of the Thinker is to uplift, while that of the Sinker is to pull and hold down. But be warned, what you decide for yourself will be revealed as accurate or not in your actions. "Thinkers and Sinkers" gives you the tools to improve the conditions of your life. Without judgment, look at those you surround yourself with, those you sympathize with, and you will see yourself. Then you can decide which goal you want to achieve, for yourself, those around you, and the world at large.

There are two ways in living life, one without resistance and one with. The focus of our resistance comes from our judgment - of ourselves, others, and the world around us. Discover how to allow your life to blossom. Come to understand your unique nature and unfold that potential to fulfill your life's purpose. With love, from the inside out you can be who and what you were created to be.

What we do with our life is in our hands alone.


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